Splash About Shorts Adult


Small (waist 75-100cm and 53-60cm thigh)
Medium (waist 100-120cm and 55-65cm thigh)
Large (waist 120-135cm and 65-75cm thigh)
XLarge (waist 135-150cm and 75-85cm thigh)

The only swimming nappy you will ever need
“There is no need for a conventional nappy under the Happy Nappy. It gives you, your child and your swim school the ultimate confidence.”

Re-usable swim nappy with no velcro, no ties, eco-friendly and affordable. Comfortable and re-usable swim pants to minimize the risk of leakage.
Used successfully in hydrotherapy programs at schools for children with disabilities.
Available in children, teenage and adult sizes. We suggest you go up a size if the person has quite “chubby” legs.