"Finished" Tote Bag - Medium Tote


Our Medium sized "Finished" Tote is approx 450 x 600mm - perfect for medium items such as large books, handheld toys/devices, a ball etc.

Many children with autism have difficulty understanding when told verbally that it is time to finish an activity and also recognising how to finish an activity in an appropriate manner. Quite often, it is at this point that the child becomes upset, which can lead into a meltdown as they can not understand the situation and transition to the next activity.

The “Finished” product range include small, medium and large tote bags, as well as pouches for electronic devices such as iPad's, all with black and white check fabric (the widely recognised symbol for finished). By placing the item into the appropriate finished product, this will symbolise that they have finished with the activity. This is a concrete way for the child to then move on to another task.