Earjobs™ MUSICMATE® PRO High Fidelity Music Ear Plugs



For many years, Australian music lovers had to look overseas for a comfortable, reusable music plug -- and their wallets suffered the consequences. In 2017, Earjobs changed everything with the original MUSICMATE®, a high fidelity musician’s earplug unmatched for comfort and value. But it’s time to upgrade.

From the designers of the beloved MUSICMATE® comes a fresh new approach to the high fidelity music earplug. Say G’day to the MUSICMATE® PRO, the must have accessory for Aussie musos, festival lovers, and anyone who loves live music.


Practically invisible when worn, the new era MUSICMATE® PRO has an upgraded filter system, giving you a clearer and cleaner listening experience at the safest volume. A comfort to your ears, the new ergonomic design is light with a gentle seal: you won’t even remember you’re wearing it once it’s in, with no itching or scratching thanks to the hypoallergenic silicone tips.


Hear the full spectrum of sound, not the feedback from the amp. Upgraded filter technology reveals the intricacy of live music by removing the distortion and noise that only exists to damage your ears. Enjoy live music more safely for longer with the MUSICMATE® PRO.


Rated SNR 23, the MUSICMATE® PRO provides solid protection against noisy venues, keeping your ears safe and preventing irreversible hearing damage. A flexible-use plug, the MusicMate Pro is appropriate for gigs, concerts, clubs, DJs, music festivals, band practice and other noisy environments. Also suitable for motorsports, work, travel, study, meditation, sleeping and shooting.

Key Features:

    • Clear Sound filter technology gives the cleanest listening experience, hear live music in high fidelity without the distortion, echo, or static. You’ll hear the full spectrum of sounds without the muffling of foam earplugs. High quality filters appropriate for musos and fans alike.
    • Rated for Safe Ears with an SNR of 23, the MUSICMATE® PROreduces ambient noise by about 23 decibels across all frequencies, allowing you to party all night without causing hearing damage.
    • New transparent body makes the MUSICMATE® PRO one of the most subtle and inconspicuous musician’s plugs on the market. Practically invisible when worn.
    • Compact aluminium carry case attaches to your keyring and keeps your earplugs safe and handy. Wide-bottom design means you can store your earrings or jewellery while you’re having a boogie.
    • Safe and sensitive: hypoallergenic silicone tips are gentle on your skin, great for individuals allergic to foam or PVC earplugs.
    • As flexible as you are: the high fidelity musician’s earplug is appropriate for a variety of settings. Use it to turn down the volume when shopping or studying, great for individuals with sensitive hearing.

Reusable and washable with a damp cloth.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of 23.