Carousel 56cm Diameter Plastic Seat Rubber Feet


The Gonge balancing mini carousel seat gives children a real spin! It consists of a solid, moulded plastic seat 64(dia)cm that is placed on a steel disc mounted with a rotation joint which has two sets of ball bearings. A solid and stable metal base with solid rubber feet ensures safe spinning of the carousel. The seat is placed at a slight angle to allow the child to propel themselves by shifting the body’s centre of gravity.

Features of the Gonge carousel are;

  • Gonge Balancing Mini Carousel develops muscle integration and strengthens muscles while playing,
  • Vestibular sense in combination with sight is also stimulated to help in improving balance of the child,
  • Seat has a thick edge to make it easy for children to get a good grip and hold on when the carousel is moving,
  • Younger children will also be able to set the seat in motion by pushing off with their feet

A great resource for children to enjoy whilst sitting. An excellent resource for the classroom learning environment to aid in children’s muscle development. Turning, twisting and playing children will have a real spin of a time on the carousel seat.

Maximum weight: 50kgs. 

Caution: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Use only under direct supervision of adults.