Australian Animal Signs A7 FlashCards


Beautiful educational alphabetic Australian Animal Flashcards with corresponding children’s key word signs (KWS).

These Flashcards are designed to show your little ones the alphabet in a fun way while having beautiful and cute illustrations of Australian Animals.

Further on the back of each card they have the corresponding key word signs (KWS) for the animal (for more information on the signs see below) and a QR code that takes you to a video tutorial of each of the signs.

These flashcards are perfect for an early learning centre, school, playgroup, nursery, playroom, and wherever there are children. They are a great way for speech pathologists and occupational therapists that want to introduce children to fun signs and fringe vocabulary.

The animals are as follows:
Bottlenose Dolphin
Freshwater crocodile
Ghost bat
Inland taipan
Marsupial mouse
Northern bush tail possum
Red kangaroo
Short beaked echidna
Ulysses Butterfly
Velvet Gecko
X-ray worm
Zebra shark

Sunshine Sign and Sing creates Children’s key word sign (KWS) resources. Childrens key word sign is designed for pre verbal babies as well as non verbal children and children with a speech delay. Signs are used alongside simplified speech with only key words being signed.

Perfect for autistic children, apraxia, dyspraxia and other neurodiverse children. They can also be used by Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapist to expose children to fringe vocabulary.

Signs are borrowed from Auslan (Australian Sign Language) however it is not Auslan, Auslan has its own grammar, structure and Deaf culture associated with their language.

We encourage as many children as possible to learn Children’s key word sign (KWS) as this alternative and augmentative communication tool (AAC) will allow pre verbal children the ability to have their needs and wants met as well as to express themselves, we think it is essential to ensure that a child has as many communication partners as possible especially their peers.