Spikey Massage Roller for Feet, Hands & Body


These Spikey Rollers have many therapeutic applications. We have been asked to get a fidget /sensory tool for the feet specifically so the peanut shape especially ideal for this.

They are awesome for massaging the feet, hands and body. These are FIRM & don't flex.

Wide ranging effects & benefits can be achieved by applying varying pressure, direction & speed to the various parts of the body. These can also be used as a sensory tool & fidget. Due to the hard 'spikes' may be helpful for those that like HIGH sensory input & pain to regulate.

Great for -

  • Massage & deep sensory input to soothe sore muscles, reduce tension & help calm
  • Targeting key presure points
  • Sensory desensitisation
  • Harm minimisation - storng sensory input & 'hurt without harm"
  • Helps promote tactile awareness
  • The spikes stimilate sensory receptors & circulation
  • Especially effective on hands & feet (for sensory integration & regulation)