Resistance Bands - Pack of 4


Resistance bands by Kaiko are a set of 5 different coloured Latex stretch bands - each with a different resistance level.

These are a portable & robust sensory tools that can worn or easily stored in pocket or bag until needed. They can be used a number of ways - worn on the wrist, stretched over the fingers (one handed) or stretched between two hands.

Great for

  • flicking when worn as a harm minimisation tool to produce 'ouch', similar to flicking a rubber band
  • those that like stretch resistance for emotional regulation
  • assisting with finger and hand function
  • stress reduction
  • used as a focus tool
  • keeping hands busy

Customer feedback (sharing with permission)

"I'm using the resistance bands as kind of a two in one to have on my wrist and fold over to feel that contact, but also to stretch and wrap around my fingers like I would with a hairtie, and they're great - I love the different widths and resistances! " MM

Approx 88mm in length unstretched.

Made from Latex.

Not suitable as a toy. Keep ot of reach for 3 and under years of age.