Stone Fur Calming Blanket Kloudsac


This isn’t just any ordinary blanket, in fact, this might be the best, coziest, warmest blanket you will ever buy.

  • Soft stone faux fur
  • Heavy blanket feel
  • Machine washable
  • With foot pockets


The Calming Blanket with foot pocket is a total must have!

Buyers beware, this isn’t any ordinary blanket, in fact, this just might be the best, coziest, warmest blanket you will ever buy. We put our heads together to fix one of the biggest problems you get when using a simple throw blanket – cold feet hanging out the bottom!

Our solution was simple. We’ve added a very cozy foot pocket into all our calming blnkets! Along the bottom of all our throws, on the inside surface, is a 40cm fold, designed to contain all your toes in absolute Kloudsac goodness.

Our blankets are big enough for two, but not too big for one. A great accessory for any KloudSac, Sofa or Lounge Suite.


All our furs are made of 100% polyester fibres, making them extremely stain resistant, and very durable. Backed with a polymesh to reduce the possibility of stretch, all our calming blankets have a fur exterior and fur interior for extreme comfort.

This back to back Stone Fur material adds warmth to our Calming Blanket. Unlike other cheaper Throws which look great from the exterior, but are manufactured with a cheaper quality fleece on the inside, our double sided Stone Fur Calming Blanket is double stitched and made to last.

Dimensions: 175cm x 120cm

40cm Foot Pocket
Machine Washable