Senseez Vibrating Cushions - Plushy Jelly (plush)


Product Details

This vibrating cushion is part of the Senseez Touchables series. These have a more textured, plush ("furry") surface which provides more sensory feedback and input that the vinyl "originals" series. They are however a bit more complicated to clean or wipe and may have dangling appendices.

Plushy Jelly is made of super soft blue material. It also has eight dangling tentacles made of the same material. Children love to dangle them and rub them through their fingers for extra tactile sensations.

Size: Approx 24cms x 24 cms.

The vibration unit requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Safety information / Disclaimer:
Senseez vibrating cushions are not a medical device and should not be used for medical or therapeutic purposes. They are not waterproof and should never be used around or submerged in water. The vibration mechanism emits a noise that may not be suitable for some children. Each child will respond differently to Senseez. Senseez are not toys and caution should be used when they are treated as such. Senseez are intended for use with children ages 4+ with parental supervision. While they are designed to ensure safety, Senseez is not responsible if any contents are ingested or misused, or for injury resulting from electrical components.


Senseez. To ease the senses.
This is the story of how SENSEEZ was created by Stef, a canadian entrepreneur-mum with a very special son…
When Stef’s son was 2, he was diagnosed with a special need. One of his difficulties was sitting in one place long enough to eat his meal, read a story, or sit for circle time.

Stef spoke to an occupational therapist who recommended a vibrating mat to help with this. So she bought one for her son, and he instantly loved the sensations! But one day, Stef wanted to take him to the local library for storytelling, and though the mat would help…but... it was large, black, heavy, and had to be plugged in. Stef was also concerned about her son looking different or standing out with this large mat.
So Stef went on a search to find a small, lightweight, portable pillow that would offer the same sensations that her son could take with him. There was none! If you can’t find one, make one! The original prototypes were sewn in the basement of Stef’s home!

Senseez was born!