My Burrow - The Wombat Sensory Tool


FOR GROUP FUN & BIG KIDS – The large WOMBAT is the biggest MyBurrow® on the market. With a firm attachment small groups of children can access the WOMBAT together. Bigger, older children can produce big movements.

Size: 150cm x 270cm (Large)

  • Coloured Black for a darker space and greater resistance.
  • 2 Degrees of Resistance
  • FREE International Shipping
  • Recommended by physiotherapists, occupational therapists & speech therapists, teachers & parents


Used by physiotherapists in their clinics for children to creep, crawl, slither and slide. This sensory tool enables occupational therapists to address proprioception, sensorimotor and anxiety regulation needs. Assists teachers to create a positive learning environment and lessons that integrate therapy goals with the curriculum. Parents build connections through play. MyBurrow® has the potential to reduce anxiety and enhance focused learning experiences. A Sensory tool that is consistent with non-restrictive practice guidelines.

  • Variable panel tension.
  • Every MyBurrow® sold comes with a customised wash bag and instructions for machine washing.
  • If you are unsure whether or not your carpet base is compatible please check with regular hook side Velcro.