Kaiko Trinity Mega Cog DIY Kit - OIL SLICK


Three Mega Cog options all rolled into one!    We are so excited to finally be able to share these with you.  Requested by a customer who wanted a weighier version of his loved Mega Cog we went to 'work'.   

This has a super fast spin, soft vibration & slight hum which is amazing. Rolling the cog over hands and fingers gives great sensory input. Some like the way it "tickles" when spinning. Not only does it tick the box from a sensory perspective, its performance is NEXT LEVEL due to the incredible bearing engineering inside.  You can't see it, but i promise you'll FEEL it.   

These have been a year in the development. It is a Kaiko DIY Mega Cog original.   Each kit comes with 3 separate cogs, connectors and the tools to assemble.  You get to choose whether you have 1, 2 or 3 or 3 cogs in the 'housing'.   See the assemby videos if needing help putting them together.  

Suits those that love the mega cog spinners sleek design however prefer something with more weight.   The spinners make a slight hum sound.  Also has our performance box bearings as part of the design. This tool is more suited for teens & adults.   Please note that if dropped you may snap the connector pieces which cannot be fixed. 

Is the same size as a 50c coin. It is beautifully weighted as well and a great size for adult or big hands! 

Comes in a gorgeous metal window display tin.  Please note each OIL SLICK varies in colour as they are all unique. Each side of the cog is even different!

It is easily operated one handed. Please note that you need to tighten the two flat metal parts up from time to time. They just screw together holding the cog in the centre.


Materials : 304 Stainless Steel & Copper


SINGLE:  Assembled with 1 approx. 40 grams (same as our Mega Cog) 

DOUBLE:  Assembled with 2  approx. 65 grams 

TRIPLE:  Assembled with all 3  approx. 85 grams 

Not suitable for 5 years and under due to small parts.