Interactive Wireless Controller Switchbox


This wireless bubble tube controller switchbox allows users the ability to select the colour lighting of the bubble tube or adjust the rate at which the bubble tube transitions between colour and change the colour interchange sequence.

This device is a valuable tool for enabling children to develop essential cognitive skills, specifically those related to understanding cause-and-effect relationships.

Furthermore, the controller has been meticulously crafted to ensure accessibility for individuals with a range of abilities, encompassing those with fine or gross motor skill challenges and visual impairments.

The controller actively fosters inclusivity, empowers choice, enhances control, and promotes accessible learning experiences.

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  • Big Coloured Buttons
  • Easy to Setup
  • Wireless up to 5 meters
  • Unit Size: 40cm Diameter x 10cm Tall
  • Battery: Requires 5 x AA(Not Included)
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Button Size: 8cm Diameter
  • Colour: White base, Blue, Yellow, White, Green, Red Colour Buttons