Infinity Cube


1.   This infinity cube is very simple with size about 4 x 4x 4 cm. It can one-handed play, which is suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Pocket size makes it easy for you to carry it to school or office. Composed of strong ABS cubes, connected with strong stainless steel metal bearings, precision machined and assembled, and can be rotated from any direction.
2.   Unlimited Fun: When you are brainstorming ideas or feeling bad, take a break and fold it in your hands again and again. This is the perfect office/class/home desk accessory, allowing you to manipulate with one hand and collaborate with the other.

3.   Good Choice for Relaxing: This is a toy perfect for people who try to bite their nails, smoke, shake their legs and other bad habits. The ergonomic arc shape design is designed to keep the hands comfortable and long-term use, it is a good choice to pass time and help relax.

4.   This infinity cube will keep your hands and heart busy instead of on your phone. Play while studying or working will relax yourself and clear your thoughts on solving problems. Everyone should try it.


Name: Infinity Cube 

Material: ABS material

Net weight: about 70.8G

Size: about 4×4X4CM

Suitable age: 3 years old and above