Emotichew Communication Bangle Sensory Chew


The Emotichew is ever popular due to its stimability AND its secret communication powers.

The design for this came from the requirement to make a product that helped with letting the world know how you were feeling without having to speak. The red side implies leave me be, and the green side indicates you are happy to be engaged with. They also have debossed writing saying ‘ Talk to me’ or ‘leave me be’.

This concept is now adored by parents, partners, educators and professionals and makes this product an absolutely essential item in the Chewigem originals range.

When facing sensory overload it can be a challenge to explain how you feel. This bangle available in both child and adult size removes that barrier. Similar to traffic lights it sends a simple visual message that lets those around you know when you wish to be left alone or are open to communication and contact. Allowing you to control your interactions, explain your emotions and send a message without having to verbally communicate.

Squishy and flexible  Can flip over to change the colour The flip feature also a great fidget feature Great for those who struggle with communication Suitable for School, home or work