CRAZY AARON'S PUTTY - Howl Glow 10cm Tin



Known as lycanthropy...the transformation of people into warewolves during the full moon has been part of folklore for centuries. Tap into your wild side with Howl Thinking Putty. A shimmering, silvery hue, it shines like the light of the moon with the included Glow Charger and accessory, and may just transform you into something surpernatural!

Every year, Crazy Aaron's releases fun and festive Thinking Putty in seasonal and holiday colours. Available for a limited time only, these special editions come with varying effects and add-ons and are highly collectible.
HOWL is a glow putty and comes with a Glow Charger. It also comes with a moon transparency - use the Glow Charger to recreate the major lunar phases. Just lay it down over a flat circular shape of Howl Thinking Putty in a dark room to experience its amazing effects. Hold the Glow Charger about 15cm away from the putty.