ChuBuddy Tube Zilla


Tube Zilla is the Soft Chewy for the Strong Chewer- Enjoy a Soft Chew that lasts a long time! Zilla means that these chews are super strong, yet they are 70A durometer, which is soft. Zilla tubes are made in the USA from medical-grade plastics and molded in Minnesota.

Smooth Zilla Regular tubes are 4" long and tapered at ½" in diameter at the top and ¼" at the bottom. Smooth Zilla Junior tubes are 3¼" long and tapered at ½" in diameter at the top and ¼" at the bottom. Our latest addition has a smooth texture and tapered end. The Smooth Zilla comes on a black paracord breakaway lanyard. Our paracord is made of non-toxic dye and includes a breakaway clasp for safety! We stand behind Zilla with our 60-day, No-Chew-Thru Warranty (on our Chew Factor 3.0 products). They are made in the USA.

Tube Zillas are always ready and available whenever the need arises.  This helps keep things cool and calm, creating a better, more productive environment for the task.  Knowing that your Zilla is ready and available at any time is a great relief.