CalmCare Sensory Singlet


1 (48 - 49cm)
2 (52 - 53cm)
3 (54 - 55cm)
4 (56 - 57cm)
5 (58 - 59cm)
6 (60 - 61cm)
7 (62 - 63cm)
8 (64 - 65cm)
9 (66 - 67cm)
10 (68 - 69cm)
12 (70 - 71cm)
14 (74 - 75cm)
16 (78 - 79cm)
18 (82 - 83cm)

CalmCare undervests assist the needs of children with Anxiety, Autism, ADHD or Sensory Processing Difficulties.

CalmCare calming undervests are our best seller and are manufactured extra-long to provide sensory input to all of the torso.

CalmCare undervests can be worn as clothing or undergarments and help children regulate their body and filter sensory information, which enables them to listen, focus and learn while staying calm, and become more self aware.

CalmCare is designed to wear all day, every day to keep the sensory system calm.

Reassuring, gentle pressure provides proprioceptive feedback (information received from muscles and tendons, concerning body movement and position).

CalmCare undergarments allow children to wear their favourite clothing (or school uniform) while enjoying the calming benefits and minimising meltdowns.

All CalmCare undergarments have special external stitching for a seamless feel, and stamped labelling for children with tactile sensitivity.

CalmCare is manufactured from a high quality, breathable, moisture-wicking, special sensory fabric called Calmtex® which is durable and keeps the wearer cool, dry and comfortable all year round.

If your measurement is between two sizes, you are best choosing the smaller size.


NOTE - Navy Blue can be ordered upon special request.