Big Feelings Pineapple!™ Deluxe Set


This pineapple has even bigger feelings than before! The follow-up to Learning Resources'  TOTY-nominated bestseller Big Feelings Pineapple, this set comes with more emotions and bigger pieces to help kids learn to identify and talk about emotions. 


41 face pieces, 

3 sets of arms, 

pineapple mirror to practice faces, 

expanded feelings poster, and more. 

Assembled pineapple measures 10cm L x 8.2cm W x 15.8 cm H.

Bigger Pieces, Bigger Feelings: Kids build preschool social-emotional learning skills with this expanded version of our bestselling toddler learning toy!

Fun Feelings Faces: After they design their pineapple’s face, kids can explore this toddler toy’s double-sided social-emotional learning poster or practice faces of their own in the pineapple mirror! 

The Essentials of SEL: When kids learn how to recognise, understand and feel their feelings, they build the social-emotional skills they need to make friends, master teamwork and live a happier, healthier life! 

Ages 3+

WARNING (!) Small Parts – Not for Children <3yrs

The elephants are on parade! Printed with every letter of
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Ages 2+