Hand Grip Exerciser with Counter


Hand Grip Exerciser & Fidgeting Sensory Tool.

This tool can be dialed up or down from 5 kilos through to 60 kilos of pressure, depending on need for resistance input and also the hand strength of the user.

It has a clicker counter that counts the repetitions & a dial that you turn to reset it back to zero. This can be an added support for focus and diversion. It does, however, mean its not suitable for the classroom as it will be too noisy in most settings.

The 5 piece Hand Grip set (another one of our range) has a hand grip WITHOUT a counter so it is more suitable for environments where noise is not ideal. This 5 piece set is amazing for emotional regulation so worth checking out also.

This really comes into its own for tween and teens (& beyond) who are flipping their lids. We love that it is a regular piece of exercise equipment so socially acceptable for any age.

Great for them to channel their hormones and emotions into a rather than throwing the desk or other items.

Also great for hand function, hand strengthening & hand exercises. Used effectively in dementia care also, especially for men, but not exclusively.

Not suitable for under 5 years of age.