EazyHold Therapist/Teacher 7 Pack - Universal Cuff, Silicone Adaptive Grip Aid


Adaptable, Hygienic, and Oh So Comfortable!

Universal Cuff, Silicone Strap, Non-Weighted Mobility Support Handle, Grip Aid for Special Needs, Stroke, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Hospitals, Schools and Special Education Classrooms


Universal Cuff Grip Support Aid

Adaptable, Hygienic, and Oh So Comfortable!

  • SUPPORTIVE GRIP - EazyHold assistive aids will adapt weighted or non-weighted utensils and tools. Help grip support those with limited hand strength. Designed for any age with limited mobility or muscle control, hand injury and many other conditions.

  • MANY SIZES - This Eazy Hold pack comes with 7 different sizes to fit infants, babies, toddlers, teens, children to adult and elderly hands or limbs. It includes 7 different adaptive aid straps.

  • EXTRA SENSORY - Puts the tool in hand or limb and against the skin for better perception of the weight, vibration, temperature and texture of the object.

  • COMFORTABLE FIT - Made of soft stretchy silicone which warms to skin temperature and does not need to be tight on the hand to support the item. Flexible handles, ergonomic fit, easy-grip for hands to grasp and hold, flexible so it moves with ease.

  • NON SLIPPERY -  A non slip grip for wet hands. Provides trainer handles with soft grips that make it easy for little or big hands to hold.

  • EASY TO CLEAN - Wash with soap and water, in the dishwasher basket, or in an autoclave. Will not degrade with repeated use of hospital wipes.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL - Only EazyHold is made with 100% hypoallergenic, superior quality, highly durable and flexible silicone. Latex-free, and a food-grade non-BPA material which is skin-friendly and easy to clean!