Kinderfeets - Swinging Disc


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Every little active child will love the Swinging Disc. Hours of fun hanging, swinging, and twisting. Designed to support little bodies in physical activity. During play, children gain flexibility and mind-body awareness. develop their balance and coordination, and grow stronger.


Crafted from, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced birch and beech wood. Includes rope locks, nylon hanging straps, and carabiners. Finished with water-based lacquer.

Weight limit: 100kg.

Installation Guide: An adult must install this product and verify its structural integrity prior to allowing children to use it. For safety, Kinderfeets hanging gym toys should not be attached by any other method that is not indicated in the supplied user manual. Please read the manual before using this product.

  • Choose a location with plenty of clearance area for swinging and soft ground. A shock-absorbing padding under the swinging disc is recommended.
  • Make sure the area used for hanging is stable and able to support the weight of this product when in use.
  • Please seek professional installation for any hardware such as ceiling hooks or horizontal bars that the swing will be attached to.
  • Test the swinging disc after installation for stability and symmetry before use. Check all rope locks, straps, carabiners, and/or hanging materials.

Make sure the area used for hanging the swinging disc is stable and able to support the weight of a child in motion. Test the load-bearing capacity of the supporting structure a swinging disc hangs from by applying a downward force exceeding the product’s weight limit (100kg) for an extended period. Carefully check that testing has not damaged or weakened the integrity of the supporting structure.

This product is not weatherproof. It should be stored in a dry location and protected from the elements when not in use. Please refer to the supplied user manual for more details.