Flare Calmer Kids Secure





Worn in the ear to reduce stressful sounds for kids so they can focus on the important ones. The super safe and flexible lanyard can be worn over or behind the head.

Very helpful for those with: sensitive hearing, hyper-sensitivity to sound associated with autism, hyperacusis, noise related stress & other hearing conditions.

Wear them anywhere that noises annoy or upset you and you are on the move.

Perfect for: School • Playground • TV • Gaming • Travelling

Great for reducing background noise & assisting focus. Proven to be especially helpful for dyslexic children & children with ADHD.

What does Calmer Kids Secure do?

  • Reduces stressful frequencies - no muffled sound.
  • Boosts focus and minimises distractions
  • Soothes sound sensitivities & helps you feel calmer


  • Moulded from comfortable one piece silicone
  • Barely noticeable in the ear
  • Extra soft, washable and reusable
  • Four fun colours
  • Made of safe, non-toxic silicone
  • Patent pending technology | GB2593205 | PCT/GB2021/050676

Calmer have been independently tested by the ISVR at the University of Southampton.