ChuBuddy BIG STRONG TUBE 9/16" - Clip - CF3


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Big Strong Tubes (9/16" diameter) Chew Factor 3 are tough and can take aggressive chewing. They are the strongest, longest-lasting chews that ChuBuddy makes. Give your child a better choice and save clothing, pencils, toys, and other things from getting chewed up. Big Strong Tubes are made of BPA-free, phthalates, lead-free, PVC-free, latex-free, and non-toxic materials. They are top rack dishwasher safe. Increase focus, attention, and allow your child to self-regulate discreetly. 

Big Strong Tubes on navy tether holder with snap hook clip allows your child to keep the tube clipped to their shirt collar or shoulder for quick and easy access.

ChuBuddy stands behind all strong tubes with our exclusive 60-day, No-Chew-Thru Warranty. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and we stand behind our products.


ChewFactor 3 (CF3)

CF3 Chewers are avid, strong, chewers that often destroy whatever they are chewing on. Our own son is a CF3 chewer so we understand the challenges of this type of chewer. This is the chewer who if they do not have a chew during school, will bite on everything- pencils, desks, hands, fingernails- just about anything. They will also come back home with their sleeves and collar of their shirts dripping wet from chewing on them.If your child's pencil (after a few days at school) looks something like this below-

there's a good chance your chewer is a CF3 Strong chewer and needs an appropriate CF3 chew. Chubuddy is the only chew maker that offers a 90 day, No-Chew-Thru Warranty on it's CF3 Strong chews. If yourchewer chews through it in 90 days just email us with a picture and we'll send you a new one.Hardness/SoftnessStrong chewers can select from soft (70A durometer) chews like the Zilla chews to hard (90A durometer) in our Strong Chew products.LengthStrong chewers should observe where they like to chew- tip of the chew, mid part of the chew, or back of the chew. This determines how long the chew should be to accommodate their chewing style and preference.

NOTE: Every child is different and need varying levels of adult supervision when using a chewing device. We recommend adult supervision at all times. This is intended only as a guide to the proper selection of a chew for your child. When in doubt please consult a professional Occupational or Speech Therapist familiar with your child.



ChewFactor 1 Light chewers can use any chew in the Chubuddy product line.  CF1 chewers are light chewers and usually don't damage the things they chew on.  They still need a chew to calm and self-regulate.  CF1 chewers are fortunate to have the widest chew selection of all chewers.  

ChewFactor 2 Medium chewers are moderate chewers who occasionally may bite through a light chew.  CF2 chewers need a chew to help them calm and self-regulate.  CF2 chewers typically don't bite through medium chews which are typically thicker, fuller bellied chews with no extraneous appendages.

ChewFactor 3 Strong chewers are avid, aggressive chewers that often bite through most chews within a short time.  They have a very strong need to chew and seek all sorts of things to chew on.  Offering Strong chewers a better alternative to poorer chewing choices is very important.



Strong Tubes come in Big 9/16" diameter, Regular 1/2″ diameter, and Slim 3/8″ diameter widths. The Big Strong Tube is ChuBuddy's strongest product. You should start with the Regular or Big sizes if you have an aggressive chewer. The Slim size is an excellent fit for a younger or lighter chewer. All Strong Tubes are hard and smooth. They are rated ChewFactor 3, which means they are among our most durable chews. 

Strong Tubes are hollow and are available on a clip-on or neck lanyard. They are made in the USA. Have you ever purchased a chew that was chewed through in less than a few days? All Strong Tubes come with a 60-day No-Chew-Thru warranty. If your chewer gets through it in less than 60 days, we will replace it or provide a refund. 

Children should not run with a Strong Tube in their mouth. The Strong Tubes Brush Kit cleans the inside of the tubes. Wash tubes with warm, soapy water or place in the dishwasher on the top rack.